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May 22nd, 2013

My name is Stef, I tend to travel as much as I can. I live for the natural world and immersing myself in new cultures and people. I am extremely physically active, and push not only my body but also my mind to physical limits regularly. My main activity is adventure racing and I support this through extremely vigorous, high intensity training known to many as CROSSFIT. This in and of itself is also a sport. Recently I was in New Zealand mountaineering where I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Gray Campbell “Active Massage”, perhaps one of the greatest physical / massage therapists I have ever met. Doing what I do, I receive soft tissue therapy constantly, in fact weekly, whether it is acupuncture, soft tissue manipulation of physiotherapy. Just because I was in NZ, I was not about to break this habit. Meeting Gray was wonderful. What makes Gray who she is, is her sincerity and deep, vast knowledge of not only the human body, but people. She relates to people at a very subtle level and the degree of comfort I felt on the table was extremely high. Her experience with massage and soft tissue therapy spans nearly 17 years and her passion shown to me was amazing! Her drive to help people is so evident and clearly expressed through her magical hands. She is brilliant at what she does, because she cares and she is powerful woman, very strong if required and gentle when needed. She reads the body and reads the person to identify with what they need. I am blessed to have met her and if ever in Wanaka again, which I have a feeling I will be, I’ll be calling. Thank you Gray.

Stef “The Cell -Real Fitness”

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